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  We’ve just sumptuously celebrated the twentieth birthday of the Fall of Berlin Wall. We lived it as liberation to the highest degree. While both Eastern and Western worlds, facing each other in a position of confrontation, were about to start the apocalypse, the détente bursted in a huge popular clamor, without any shot, on November 9th, 1989.

Cycle of revolutionary movements

Saturn-Neptune conjunctions (36 years)


1773 – Virgo – Revolt of English colonies of North America (1773- 75)

1809 – Sagittarius – General uprising of Spanish colonies of Latin America

1846 – Aquarius – Birth of Marxism (1847). European revolution of February 1848

1882 – Taurus – Founding of European Socialist parties (1879-1883)

1917 - Leo - The Russian Revolution. Rebellions in the armies at war

1953 – Libra – Staline’s death (1953). Dien Bien Phu (1954); the revolution of the burgeoning “Third World”

1989 – Capricorn – Revolution in Eastern Europe

2026 – Pisces/ Aries - ?

2061 – Gemini - ?


Indeed, the collapse of the Berlin Bastion from one of the two camps bore the fatal hallmark of a conjunction Sun Pluto, but, at the same time, a peaceable configuration manifested itself with great style.

November 11th, 1918 : World War I armistice : Sun trine Jupiter

May 8th, 1945 : World War II armistice in Europe : Sun trine Jupiter

November 9th, 1989 : Again a trine Sun Jupiter

This pair is all the more noteworthy since Mikhail Gorbatchev,  the great figure who obviously contributed most to this entry into peace, was born on March 2d, 1931, under an exact trine between Sun – 10° Pisces – and Jupiter - 10° Cancer, a trine enhanced by Jupiter which rules both signs. And more, if we superpose this trine on the one of November 9th, 1989, through  Jupiter, they form together an equilateral triangle.

Without forgetting, naturally, the fact that the event is placed close to the birthday of the seizure of power from the Soviets in Russia on November 8th, 1917. The Sun 15° Scorpio was forming, too, an equilateral triangle with the trine Sun-Jupiter of Gorbatchev, which indicates an eminently peaceful climate with a deep feeling of vital relief, even in the perspective of a defeat.

At the moment of the commemoration, the well known echo was heard again and again – from Simone Weil to Jean Daniel including Waclav Havel and many others  - : nobody, absolutely nobody had ever foreseen the event. From any milieu, be it politic, diplomatic, or from any other sphere when of its concern. But wouldn’t such a blindness have been dissipated if a glance had been taken at the astrological prospective based on the course of the planetary cycles? 

Never before, from the heights of its majestic astral revolutions to the permanent moves along time, this prospective would have cast such a striking look at the cosmological process accompanying this turning point of history. Better than any speech, a symbolic show speaking for itself in golden letters, here was the panorama of components which so directly delivered, in the only field of configurations, the phenomenology of this real story. In front of the gaping abyss of such an obvious deficient knowledge, what do we need to add to open the eyes of the “correct thinking” anti astrological prejudice?

To know more about it, you can consult « Histoire d’une prévision » (A prediction story),   « Un bilan prévisionnel » (the assessment of a forecast) or even « Le cycle Saturne-Neptune » (Saturn-Neptune cycle)

Cyclic interferences


Paris, November 19th, 2009


Translated April 6th 2011 by

Françoise Moderne

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